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Our expert client advocates offer the highest quality service, with cutting edge technology in the internet, voice and communication fields. At Commtrol we simply draw upon decades of industry experience and present which carriers and technologies are right for your business. We deliver the right solution for services that are vital to your business 24/7.


New Telecom Technology provides a unique and significant method of lowering costs. Toll free costs can be reduced by approximately 90% with changes in mobile call routing and improvements in Voice over Internet protocol (“VoIP”).

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What Makes Us Different? We’ll Tell You!

HelpButtonWe are the only firm that represents clients and not a particular vendor, product or technology in the internet, voice and communications industries. You might say we are similar to CNET or Consumer Reports in that we have developed service provider ratings based on value, support, uptime, contractual guarantees and other important factors. Our goal is to help you understand one of the most confusing parts of running your business – your connection to the outside world. We will help you through contract management, cost containment, mobile agreements, and ensure you are getting the best value available. We know what the carriers know, but the difference is that we work for you. More often than not we deliver better pricing by negotiating volume commitments with favorable terms for you. Our business depends on helping you to choose the right provider, make sure you stay in service, avoid costly outages, and grow or move your business without disruption. Plus, we have the best customer support around, but don’t take our word for it, ask our customers!

Our mission is to simply and uniquely reduce the ownership cost of your internet and voice services. We will do this by utilizing our Commtrol circuit management and ReturnOnNet service for rating the service providers and retaining our heritage of personal support that we have provided the past decade.
Worrying about every detail from installation to implementation has always been a part of Commtrol’s DNA. It’s our philosophy that customers are like family and we listen very carefully to what you want and need. Consider us your advocate.
Our number one promise is to make sure you choose the right telecommunication carriers so you can keep costs manageable and stay in service by avoiding costly outages.
As your business grows, so does your telecommunication needs. Whether you need to move into a new facility or expand your current space, we will help you do it without interruption. Consider us your partner.

Commtrol worked with us to change how our 2-1-1 calls were routed in Ohio -serving as our liaison to the wireless carriers. Our project was completed on-time, on-budget and resulted in substantial cost savings to our 2-1-1 Center.

Diane Gatto Barrett, (fmr) Director, 2-1-1 United Way of Greater Cleveland

Over the past year, Ohio AIRS worked with Commtrol to have mobile 2-1-1 calls in Ohio routed by using the caller’s physical location instead of their phone number. This results in calls getting to the right 2-1-1 provider the first time, saving time for both callers and staff. In addition, the cost of having calls routed by a separate carrier was greatly reduced because of this improvement. Bob Glassman and Commtrol have unique connections and resources to get things done that we could not have done on our own.

Kristin McCloud, President, Ohio AIRS

Latest News On Our Company and Products

When it comes to making news, we aren’t shy. From breakout ideas on emerging trends to practical guides using the power of technology, our goal is to help you understand one of the most confusing parts of running your business – your connection to the outside world.

  • Vital 2-1-1 connectivity in NE Washington State

Vital 2-1-1 Connectivity in Rural Washington State

April 27th, 2020|0 Comments

(STATE OF) WASHINGTON- RURAL TEL- Commtrol added a remote part of NE Washington, approximately 15,000 residents…with vital 2-1-1 connectivity…which became critical with the early onset of COVID 19 in Washington State. These residents in need, never had 2-1-1 service available until Commtrol “made it happen’ with the relevant, local phone company representative [...]

Individual Awards

January 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

Municipal Vision – Peggy Weil Dorfman- For the past five years, Peggy has been educated in the hierarchy and nuances of internet and voice communications as she recognizes the demands of Solon’s business community. Knowing she is extremely well respected in her position of both filling and retaining corporate space, as well [...]

Telecom Trends 2015

January 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

Most of 2015’s Trends are a continuation…and of added importance…to many past movements. Cloud Computing – Everyone will be inundated with the transition from premise based to cloud based computing services. The sweet spot for cloud computing is: *if you want to begin or grow without a significant investment; *if your business [...]

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