cloud_computingMost of 2015’s Trends are a continuation…and of added importance…to many past movements.

Cloud Computing – Everyone will be inundated with the transition from premise based to cloud based computing services. The sweet spot for cloud computing is: *if you want to begin or grow without a significant investment; *if your business is in a transitional industry where laws, competition force continual software/application upgrades; *if you have a business that has desperate locations and of increasing importance, the virtualization of off premise (Disaster Recovery) backup security.
Just make sure you compare the costs of purchasing equipment and labor & software support vs. the continual monthly costs. This is a must.
Bottom Line: Spend the time to look at a five and ten year return….the costs are significant…and the direction may point to either choice…Or a combination of services

Having sufficient bandwidth…especially the oft ignored upstream path…must be figured into the equation. If you are depending on a switched service such as DSL or the cable company’s coaxial service vs. dedicated T1 to fiber broadband…good luck.

Senior Community Technology Implementation – We have been appalled by the lack of interest in promoting technology for Seniors at all of the technology and media seminars and trade shows we attend. Commtrol vows to change this in the 2014 and years to come by implementing a measured, well thought out program of one to one training and individual implementation that will revolutionize the use of technologies such as Skype, Facebook and Twitter for the senior populace.

Mobility Management – Commtrol has spent four years to master the vortex of mobility costs and intellect…without spending two arms and two legs to determine. We are focused…to the ultimate degree to solve all of our smartphone, tablet and any other mobility issue….period.

Telecom Sales – Sadly, the ethics and performance of an overwhelmingly majority of telecom (Internet & voice service) sales people remain either a lack of critical industry knowledge, a crushing quota forcing the sales of absolute onerous services and contract terms to being as (dis) honest as “three dollar bills”…continues to be the rule. It is sad that this industry continues to employ, train and motivate their sales people to have the character of pond scum.

Telecom Support – Conversely, a large percentage of Service Provider’s support staff…ranging from inside call centers to the outside field technicians…are most always concerned with client needs. They should be treated with respect when called or you are contacted. Most service/support people are well trained and most important, are more than willing to solve your issues. Please encourage them and commend them…and you will generally have your critical problems solved. This year, Commtrol sent twenty seven laudatory emails regarding individuals providing tremendous end to end support vs one that was negative. Think positive….