Municipal Vision – Peggy Weil Dorfman- For the past five years, Peggy has been educated in the hierarchy and nuances of internet and voice communications as she recognizes the demands of Solon’s business community. Knowing she is extremely well respected in her position of both filling and retaining corporate space, as well as meeting individual resident requests….especially broadband requests… she deserves tremendous commendation for understanding that fulfilling Internet bandwidth requirements has become a dominating factor….and increasing…from 2009 to now…and more so…in the future.

Municipal Initiative – After years of planning and implementation, businesses from Brunswick to Wadsworth are finally able to take advantage of a fiber network designed to offer competitive pricing for fiber internet, voice and cloud computing services. The uniqueness of the network is that it is open to all service providers. Under the direction of driving forces like Bethany Dentler and Jim Gerspacher…Medina County now has a truly exceptional service for its business tenants.

TechnicianTelco – Steve Szilagyi- AT&T- Steve has taken on several projects in which he goes the extra mile, exceeding his area of expertise…to insure the entire solution is achieved for the client. His achievement for a city government in the past few months was well beyond the scope of his responsibilities…which makes him…extra special…meriting our award

TechnicianCableco – Kip Eiger- Time Warner- Kip has been a tremendous resource for Commtrol over the past six years. Always cheerful and informative…he provides critical, informative, public information that has translated into a multitude of successful Time Warner implementations. There are other TW employees such as Denny Thompson and John Allen that merit an honorable mention.

Overall SupportTechnical – Jason Gintert- Fidelity Voice & Data- Jason has been a consistent, erudite resource that begins with solutions and more importantly…follows them through to implementation… for dozens of IT and voice clients. He does so in a low key manner that clients appreciate…and is there to support over the years of service.

Overall Support – Network Analysis – Jim Butler- Easton Telecom- Jim works like a telecom version of the United Nations to find the most objective and insightful service provider solution for an individual client’s particular situation. He is a master at analyzing the breath of Carrier solutions available in a simple manner that clients can understand. As of integral importance, he performs purely on an objective basis- being interest solely in the clients’ overall cost and service experience.

Sales SupportTelco– Mike Smollen-AT&T- Mike is becoming a dinosaur at AT&T- an experienced, extremely knowledgeable Account Manager that has a sincere interest in his clients. We hope that Mike decides to work with AT&T…until he is at least ninety years old.

Sales SupportCableco– In our extensive experience with Time Warner sales people, Damon sticks out like a sore thumb. He is actually focused solely on the clients’ needs (vs. fulfilling a quota at any cost) and works closely with system integrators. Time Warner would be wise to tape his daily activities…and show it to prospective sales Account Managers.

Lifetime Award– Brian Donovan- AT&T- We are sad to announce Brian’s retirement from AT&T as he has provided the greatest support…ever available. There is no one who could hold his telecom “jock strap” and will be sorely missed…by Commtrol and many of AT&T’s top clients. Well deserved…best of luck Brian!

Lifetime Commitment Award– Rusty Rivituso- ImagineNet/N2Net- Rusty and his partner Jim Lohiser….who is happily continuing with N2Net.. have been trusted partners for well over a decade. Commtrol directed business to ImagineNet over the past decade plus even though we were sacrificing thousands of profit dollars for one reason- because we know it was in the best interests of our clients. We wish Rusty all the best in retirement and look forward to continue to work with Jim in the future.