V&PeggyIn 2009 Commtrol approached The City of Solon, Google’s eCity for the state of Ohio in 2013 and 2014, with a unique program of assisting businesses with their internet and voice needs. An inventive concept for municipalities, Get Connected was created under the leadership of Solon’s Economic Development Manager Peggy Weil Dorfman. Commtrol was selected because of our track record of excellent support and objective insights to be a valued resource to the City and the business community.

In the past six years, the program has been uniformly successful and grown in scope and businesses served.

Businesses Moving or Expansion, Service Issues- have assisted dozens of companies over the past five years have been helped moving into Solon or within Solon.  Commtrol has worked with ten different carriers to meet deadlines along with all documented goals for installation of internet and voice services.

Some examples:

  • Act as the telecom “contractor”- assist in choice of VoIP equipment, ISP, cabling and security company service providers, including redundancy options.
  • Analysis of contractual commitments and an analysis of the service provider.
  • Checked on the availability of cableco coaxial bandwidth as the telco could not provide requested bandwidth. Eventually, they were able to get a quote with no build out costs from the cable provider.
  • Act a telecom ombudsman between a client and their circuit vendor A resolution was worked out that solved the problem with little additional cost, client time and aggravation
  • Worked with service providers for businesses moving on a tight time window.  The businesses were able to move with no down time and loss of productivity.
As a result of input from the city’s business community about the need for more and better options for broadband access, the city identified underserved areas and has worked with its voice and data communications consultant (Commtrol) to attract new vendors to serve the city’s businesses. At&T made a significant infrastructure investment on Naiman Parkway. Time Warner Cable expanded its network to serve the industrial area on Naiman, with construction completed last summer. In addition, TWC expanded its network in the industrial district north of Solon Road, with 61 businesses signing contracts for fiber and/or coaxial cable service in this area the past year. The city also continued to lobby other providers to expand service to underserved areas south of Solon Road. “I am very pleased to announce that another alternate solution for broadband Internet access will be available to the Solon business community this spring,” she said. “Easton Telecom will be able to provide business-class wireless access virtually anywhere in the city.”
Commtrol's Project Mentioned in Solon Mayors State of the City Address, By Sue Reid Posted on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Enterprise (Commercial) Broadband

  • Worked with AT&T to have them spend approx. $200,000 to rebuild the copper and fiber infrastructure of a business park
  • Supervised a City initiative to collect information which showed a significant requirement for additional voice and data services in commercial and industrial areas that resulted in Time Warner investing over a million dollars in a network expansion that provided options for many businesses
  • Worked with the first, proven fixed wireless company to provide a unique form of bandwidth to companies businesses either requiring immediate high speed broadband or a unique source of disaster recovery internet and voice services.

Commercial Real Estate Property Assessments

Commtrol developed a program to allow office space/industrial parks to provide sought-after information for services available at their Solon properties.

Many RFPs for office space now request availability of different types of bandwidth. The most often asked questions (in 2015) are: *is fiber “lit” inside the premise; *what alternate types of broadband are available for disaster recovery; and availability of cost competitive & quality service providers.  Building owners and leasing agents can have this information at their fingertips instead of waiting days or weeks.

Commtrol is the perfect choice for your business. We help you manage the most frustrating part of your business – your connection to the outside world. Plus, we have the best customer support around, but don’t take our word for it, ask our customers!

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