Central Monitoring Stations have the problems and opportunities regarding their analog, voice, internet and cellular connections. Our twenty years of experience with Central Stations allows Commtrol to offer the following:

  • Analog Line & Circuit Management- VoIP signaling must be minimized as it causes com errors and the ensuing problems, ranging from complaints to CMS’s losing customers and in some instances, dealers. Minimally, it has added significant labor, aggravation, questions about how to solve, explanations to end users and costly false alarms. We work with all Local Exchange Carriers. Due to the LEC’s desire to phase out POTS lines, it is increasingly important to supervise analog lines and circuits carefully.
  • PRI service from a reliable service provider with 24/7 support and expertise with CMS’s. The PRIs can be guaranteed to be TDM delivery.  Commtrol continues to work with operation staffs to insure the best integration with both legacy and current receiver equipment and technology.
  • Long Distance- Using service providers that are proven in the security business. The requirements include: competitive pricing (combination of per minute rate, low minimum call threshold & three decimal billing); 24/7, personal support; use of multiple underlying carriers including AT&T; and proven experience in supporting Central Monitoring Stations. This is especially important when working with toll free service.
  • Internet- How much bandwidth is needed and at what price? Is fiber available? Broadband must be scalable to add features such as increased video surveillance, household utility management and wellness monitoring.
  • Voice – How do we save on our lines? Can we tie it in to our internet connection?
  • Cellular – The future (with IP), the core of the alarm business. There may be huge savings potential in controlling the payment for SIM Cards and data usage.
  • Disaster Recovery- Enhancements in telecom technologies makes DR a more cost effective service. This combines telco, cableco and mobile transmissions.
  • Equipment Integration- Commtrol continues to learn how to optimize telecom services with receiver equipment…every day.

Commtrol is the perfect choice for your business. We help you manage the most frustrating part of your business – your connection to the outside world. Plus, we have the best customer support around, but don’t take our word for it, ask our customers!