Best 2-1-1 saves Ohio 2-1-1 Agencies over $20,000 per year in reduced telecom costs. See what we can do for you!

COMMTROL Best 2-1-1 technology reduces costs and caller frustration

New Telecom Technology provides a unique and significant method of lowering costs. Toll free costs can be reduced by approximately 90% with changes in mobile call routing and improvements in Voice over Internet protocol (“VoIP”).

While reducing costs with our unique mobile carrier relations, your 2-1-1 routing tables will be updated as well as well as coordinated with both United Way Worldwide and National AIRS. This assures the 2-1-1 caller reaches the correct call center on their first attempt, especially since a large majority of calls are from mobile phones.

Best 2-1-1 simplifies processing of change requests Every time your 2-1-1 Agency adds new social service business or makes changes, it takes a tremendous amount of labor, cost and coordination with mobile, landline and VoIP carriers. We do this for you!

Commtrol’s Best 2-1-1 Improvement Program uses new technologies to cut your costs and improve your services! Hosted voice service, such as Google Voice and “landline” service provided by the cable companies as well as emerging mobile providers like Comcast and Spectrum are becoming a dominant source of 2-1-1 calls and needs attention now as calls placed to 2-1-1 are not getting through.

“Commtrol worked with us to change how our 2-1-1 calls were routed in Ohio -serving as our liaison to the wireless carriers. Our project was completed on-time, on-budget and resulted in substantial cost savings to our 2-1-1 Center.”

Diane Gatto Barrett
(fmr) Director, 2-1-1
United Way of Greater Cleveland

“Over the past year, Ohio AIRS worked with Commtrol to have mobile 2-1-1 calls in Ohio routed by using the caller’s physical location instead of their phone number. This results in calls getting to the right 2-1-1 provider the first time, saving time for both callers and staff. In addition, the cost of having calls routed by a separate carrier was greatly reduced because of this improvement. Bob Glassman and Commtrol have unique connections and resources to get things done that we could not have done on our own.”

Kristin McCloud
President, Ohio AIRS

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