Telecom Auditing

Commtrol earns tremendous praise for the disciplined manner in which we conduct telecom audits and the resulting successes in savings for internet, voice, and mobile services in addition to creating a definite list of contractual commitments and use of all communications resources.

  • Establish a specific plan and rapport with all team members as well as with extensive Carrier and service provider contacts.
  • Acquisition of all monthly voice, internet and mobile related invoices and resulting Customer Service Records.
  • Thorough, onsite analysis of all line item services and service locations.
  • Documentation of the results of the investigation and recommendations to delete, modify
  • Actions are taken with Commtrol’s supervision, insuring that the processes are completed and all municipal (with extra consideration given to emergency) services are unaffected.
  • A review of all invoices after the actions are taken to insure the resulting savings are optimal and as expected. Further follow up actions as required.

Telecom Advocacy

Commtrol has had great success in minimizing contract termination penalties and moving to updated technologies while saving many internal labor hours.

Commtrol has been involved with over twenty clients in the past decade that have complaints about being overbilled by large service providers, including AT&T, Time Warner, CenturyLink and Verizon,  which cost the companies dearly in manpower and aggravation before engaging Commtrol.  Commtrol’s expertise and tenacity resulted in client refunds ranging from $5000 to well over $50,000. We only take on assignments where Commtrol feels confident with the company’s claims. Over this time, we have never lost.

Here’s a case study of how we’ve helped:

Commtrol was recently engaged by a non profit organization whose monthly internet service invoice was assessed a one time approximate $50,000 penalty. The organization reacted by changing service providers and then contacted Commtrol to get a refund of the large expense.

Having lost the leverage by leaving the existing provider, Commtrol put together an inventory of the remaining services with the original company and using our executive contacts with one of the US’s largest Carriers…we were able to get the entire charge waived and the vital amount of funds returned to the non profit.


Commtrol has developed the most effective process companies moving or opening up a new location. With our database, companies are certain to have their services when needed (avoiding service outages), ability to retain phone numbers and IP blocks, plan to install lengthy lead time, vital products such as fiber, and integrate seamlessly with general and telecommunication contractors.  …

Commtrol’s process is unique and proven.


Having a single internet and voice provider is an outdated concept that sooner or later will cause you major problems and loss of revenues, whether it be outages, security or lost productivity because of your internet speed.

Here’s a case study of how we’ve helped:

An AT&T steam pipe burst knocks out services for thousands of customers in a four county region, including all internet, voice, and 911 services in Ohio. However, Commtrol’s clients that engaged us to provide backup services through the local cable company, or a variety of mobile service providers were able to keep their business in operation, saving companies from thousands of dollars in lost revenues!

Problem: I get much better internet speed with my home service than I do at work.

Solution: Find the best combination of dedicated services for secure and mission critical requirements augmented and backup by low cost, high speed telco, cable and wireless services that allow your company to have the best of all worlds- secure, stable broadband and the high speed downloads that now are a requirement with the use of video and other growing,  bandwidth intensive applications.

Problem: We’re starting to use cloud computing on a much larger basis. What do I need regarding my internet service?

Solution: Of course, all answers are based on the amount of traffic you are sending and receiving from the cloud, but the price of internet over fiber has come way down. We are meeting current and future needs, often for not much in excess of what is being spent now.

Commtrol is the perfect choice for your business. We help you manage the most frustrating part of your business – your connection to the outside world. Plus, we have the best customer support around, but don’t take our word for it, ask our customers!